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Tata Consultancy Services, shortly called as TCS is one of the top most multinational IT companies in the country. It’s communication also depend on TCS Webmail, If you are new you can know Webmail TCS outline form this site. It has its branches in more than 46 countries.

It has lakhs of employee working under it in various branches spread across the globe. A while ago, TCS has relocated its popular Webmail on a VPN. The migration has turned as a matter of concern for the TCS employees as they cannot access their mails after the office hours.

TCS Webmail Login

TCS Webmail Login – Access TCS Email from Mobile

They can only access the Webmail via their systems. No other means of access is provided to them by the company. Though the exact reason why the company has taken such as decision to migrate the Webmail services to VPN is unknown.

There is a way out for the employees to still access the mail outside their systems. By following the way we are going to introduce to you, you can easily access your Emails on your smartphones itself. You can also get access to your Webmails on your personal computers by following the below process.

How to login to TCS Webmail?

The login process is pretty simple, however it wouldn’t work outside of the company no matter what. Employees are facing a serious trouble to login to their Webmails because of the drift to VPN.

If you are looking for an effective way to access your email through your Android or iPhone, you should give this article a read. There is an “app” way to login to your Webmail. Lets know about how to access tcs webmail with easy steps:-

Step 1. Simply go to Official site

Step 2. It will look like below shot,

TCS Webmail Login Page

Step 3. Now give your login password as you know.

Step 4. Now you can access TCS webmail.

Access TCS Webmail by an app – Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver is designed primarily to access email from any mobile device. Simply download the app into your mobile phone from the App store or Google Play Store. Install it and that’s it, you can directly access your email, desktop and also applications from your device.

Follow the below steps to get complete access.

Step -1 . On successful installation of the app, open Netscaler Gateway.

Step -2 . The gateway serves as the new login page of Tata consultancy service.

Step -3. In the login page enter your credentials and login.

Step -4. On successful login you will be directed to the Citrix receiver app.

Step -5. Once the app opens, you need to select Lotus Webmail which will take you to TCS Webmail page.

Step -6. n the page opened enter your webmail username and password.

This will ultimately gives you access to your emails on Android or IOS device.

This app has the efficiency to provide you the access to emails outside the company from any device. Nevertheless, employees will not get access to the emails that are older than three days. Employees need to keep this in mind before performing the above explained process.

How does TCS Employees used to login afore migrating to VPN?

Before migrating to the VPN, TCS employees used to access emails by visiting – It is the official web portal of TCS. Nevertheless, the company not so long ago drifted it to a all-new VPN to offer a better user experience to its employees.

As currently everything has turned app-based, TCS has tied up with Citrix which will offer wonderful performance. Users can now easily access emails with the help of Netscaler Gateway.

The time taking process of opening the web link is not a problem anymore. The Netscaler will help the employee login to their webmail in no time.

Myapps TCS Webmail Official app for Android and iPhone

You can check TCS Webmail Official app for Android and iPhone, If you want to download then get from below official apps which developed by TCS.

How can I access my TCS webmail from mobile?

As you know this is one of the biggest company which providing more easy ways to access TCS from Mobile and desktop both,

If you are out from home or office then please download official apps and add your credential and sign in, But please make sure your are downloading official apps form verified app store, Don’t download any apk or null app version.


This is a unique concept introduced by TCS for its employees. The prime concept of WebEx is that it allows its users to set up a meeting from anywhere in the map. TCS uses this service as it has branches in various countries.

If you are to attend a meeting on an urgent note and you are in a remote place away from the meeting spot, you can simply use this WebEx service to do your work. You can set up a video conference with the help of this WebEx. To use this service you simply need to login to TCS Webmail.

This service can be operated either on desktop or on personal computer. The services offered by WebEx include online meetings, video conferencing, webinars, training or remote technical support.

TCS Helpline Number

(India): Toll Free1-800-425-4827 (1-800-225-5827 FREE).
(US): Toll-Free0207-2458000
(UK): Toll-free 1-877-TCS-INDY (1-877-827-4639 FREE).
Voice: Buzz(VoIP): 022 – 25188155 500 5555 PSTN: 6060 5555
US Toll-Free1 855 829 8882

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